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Jellies are Back!

July 28, 2015


Did you own a pair of jellies when you were a kid? My grandparents have a house by the sea and a pair of jellies was a must-have every single year. I loved the fact I could freely walk in the shallow sea without being afraid of stepping on a sea urchin or a pointy rock and cutting my foot. And being made of rubber they were obviously waterproof and super comfy. Plus they always came in flashy colors which was also a big fat plus! Then in the mid 90’s they became a big no-no in the fashion world and you risked of receiving a face of disgust and mock if you “accidentally” decided to wear them.



But (sound of drums and trumpets) – they are back in fashion now! No more judgments, no more what’s-that-stink faces; jellies are back in all sorts of colors, sizes and designs! And although I may be traumatized by those jelly-non-accepting years my kids are getting them!


I fell in love with these made by a Spanish brand called IGOR since they have the cutest range of all sorts of different models and colors for both kids and adults! Sadly they only send across Spain (they have a big sale at the moment!) and there is also a Portugal site (oh I wish I knew someone that could send them over to me!) but there are also a few other online retailers like Yoox, MonShowRoom, Smallable and Panache Kids

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  • Reply Rita August 3, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Hi! I leave in Lisbon and am happy to send them to you! Let me know once you decide whether you want any or not and we can sort out the details :)


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