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September 9, 2015

Ariete Popcorn Maker

Tila is a big fan of popcorn, which is kind of strange since neither my husband nor I like it very much. But she absolutely loves it. So for her last birthday she wished for a Popcorn Maker so she could make it herself. I found quite a few good ones (or so the reviews say) but we have a very limited space in the kitchen so the number one requirement was that it had to be small.

So after a thorough research I decided to buy this Retro Popcorn maker from Ariete and I’m so glad I did. It’s one of the least expensive ones, it’s light and small, super fast (popcorn is literally done in a minute) and so easily operated that Tila can easily make it all by herself (with me peeking in the nearest corner of course). The only thing about it is that you can’t cook it with oils, butter or salt but I add all that later – I just melt some butter in a pan pour it over the popcorn, add some salt, mix it with my hands and the crunching begins!

I bought it over (you can change country in the upper right corner) and it came super fast but you can also find it on Amazon

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