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New: Djeco Home and a Little History on the Brand

September 11, 2015

I’ve spotted there is a new line from Djeco called Home and it consists of a Playhouse, furniture and dolls and while doing a research I came across this fascinating story on the brand that I thought you’d like to know about.

Djeco Family

I’ve always liked Djeco but I must admit I knew very little about it. I was sure it was only founded a few years ago. But it is actually an old toy brand, established back in 1954 by Véronique Michel-Dalès but the brand was put on hold for a few years after her son Frédéric grew up. Then in 1989 he decided to take it over himself and by 1997 designed a collection of beautiful, quality, fun and educational toys of all sorts. He also used different materials like paper, wood, plastic etc. By 2011 the brand exploded around the globe and now their games are being translated into every language of the world!

And now back to the doll house: there are two models – the Color Dollhouse named after the brightly colored walls (the first picture above) and the Cubic House. Both are entirely made of wood and there are also the cutest figurine families and furniture that match the 70’s look of the house and can be bought separately. Available from BilboquetSmallable, French Blossom

Frédéric Djeco

Ps. On the photo above is a little Frédéric playing with one of the older Djeco’s toy.

Pss. How adorable is this Snow Globe that is also a Night Light?

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