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Fun and Durable Wall Decals from Made of Sundays

September 18, 2015



Alba Bordes Sola comes from Spain and Thomas Leppä is from Finland. They both studied in Austria where they met and fell in love. Then they moved to Helsinki in Finland, started to design and create wall decals from high quality vinyl made in Germany and biodegradable polyester fabric from the UK in their own little studio.
And finally in 2013 they opened their own decal store called Made of Sundays. How fun is this story? I feel like I’ve mentioned half of European countries in only two sentences. And you can read this interview if you want to know even more!

Made of Sundays

But more about their decals: they are not only the cutest ones I’ve seen but they are also made of the best materials possible, which means that they are made to last. The ones made of polyester fabric can even be repositioned and survive for at least 10 years! The vinyl ones are just as durable but can be applied to one surface only.

Made of Sundays

There are about 60 different designs but they all come in different color choices. How adorable is the idea of putting them on the door? And you can even get it customized with a name of the little room resident!

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